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Optimize php code

1.) Multiple argument with echo:
You use echo probably like this
echo ‘first string’.$variable.’second string ‘;
Use this code it is faster
echo ‘first string’, $variable, ‘second string’;
Passing multiple argument is faster than concate string. echo is faster than print. print take one argument.

2 .) Use  single quotes:
In double quotes everything is parsed, with single quotes string is not parsed.
if you need to print only string then use
echo ‘string’;
echo “string”;
3.)Pre-increment is faster than post-increment:
is faster than

4.) Use split() instead of explode():
split() uses
regular expressions, while explode()  not.

5.) Use isset() instead of strlen():
( i ) $str  = “string”;
if(strlen($str) < 4){
echo “String length is less than 4”;

( ii ) $str   = “string”;
echo “String length is less than 4”;

faster than this:


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